A major danger of recent years: financial fraud on the internet – SCTODODIA

With the advancement of the internet, financial fraud is becoming easier and easier. Scammers pretend to be other people, disguise themselves as companies and authorities to deceive people. Text messages, links and confirmation of personal information are the most common methods used by criminals.

According to the representative of the 2nd Civil Police Station of Criciúma, Márcio Neves, the most serious crime is fraud. “They can do a lot of things from selling fake products to fake loan companies, fake invoices or make payments.”

Among the people most affected by this type of violence are the elderly. Because they cannot distinguish between a relative or a criminal, they become a bad person. It is the responsibility of family members to help and educate adults about the dangers of the internet.

The representative said there are many ways to protect yourself from this type of crime. “Sometimes the easiest thing is to talk directly to someone you know. In addition, there are models that prevent the theft of accounts, passwords and personal information.

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