A “low cost” Big Brother makes a sensation in the discussion

The project was promoted by Mariano Villafuerte, a man from Tucumán who is dedicated to the production of musical instruments and who was inspired by the success of Big Brother to create his self model. “It started as a joke and it went viral,” Villafuerte explained.

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“The idea is to have fun with the models, but also show the truth of the youth of Tucumán, who have dreams, problems, joys and sorrows.”

The main difference with the original program is that the participants of Gran House Tucumán do not stay in the house permanently, but instead move in and out of the hotel where they stay five days a week, while special time. “It’s not a total closure, because we don’t have the resources for that. Also, we want the public to be able to interact with them, pass them on the street, in clubs, in conversation,” said Villafuerte.


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Another difference is that the participants do not compete for monetary rewards, but for fame and recognition. “The winner receives the title of Big Brother Tucumán, which is an honor, and also has the ability to continue in the world of relationships, which is what many are looking for,” the founder of the project said.

The participants of Gran House Tucumán are between 18 and 25 years old, and come from different places and professions. There are students, workers, athletes, musicians, models, actors and even the police. They all refer to the rules of the game, which include voting, elimination, tests, parties and confessions.

The program has created a positive impact on the relationship, where people can comment, give their opinions, praise and criticize the participants. It also arouses the curiosity of the media, which echoes the initiative. And he has even caught the attention of some actors for his creativity.



“We are very happy with the response from the public, who support us and follow us. We also thank Telefé and Big Brother, who have given us approval and respect. We do not want to compete with them, but rather respect them and have fun,” Villafuerte concluded.


The popular Twitter account

The popular Twitter “Only in Tucumán” also reflects the ‘parody reality’ of Big Brother on the networks

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