A financial advisor has predicted the future for Bitcoin and the Internet, what does he say?

One of the most valuable in the world of finance, has shown an agreement to the Web3 site and blockchain technology.

A financial advisor has predicted the future for Bitcoin and the Internet, what does he say?

During his intervention in the Web 3 Carnival a Hong Kong, Cathy WoodCEO of ARK Investment Management and one of most influential figures in the world of finance, shared a fascinating vision for the Web3 space and blockchain technology. In his speech, Wood emphasized the advantages of this technology and the important role that Hong Kong’s regulatory authorities have played in the promotion and management of cryptoassets.

Wood shares his vision for the future of Web3, describe it as the next chapter in the evolution of the Internet, driven by the innovation of blockchain technology. According to him, this new level has the potential to change many things, from finance to e-commerce.

Regarding Bitcoin, and despite these challenges, Wood reiterated his expectation that the price of Bitcoin could reach $1.5 million in the next decadedriven by changes in real estate investment and the popularity of Bitcoin Spot ETFs. This prediction is based on the expectation of greater adoption of Bitcoin as a primary currency, strengthened by the growing participation of companies in the Bitcoin class. property.

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The CEO also pointed to recent investments by giants such as Sony and Polygon as evidence of growth and increased integration of various technologies, which can lead to significant changes in product design and user experience.

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Wood praises Hong Kong’s regulation of the digital asset market, particularly the oversight by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and other entities. He emphasized the breadth and clarity of the rules used by the city, presenting it as a model in the management of cryptoassets.

However, the director of ARK Investments has also recognized the international competition managementwarning of potential regulatory issues that could limit innovation in the Web3 space.

Cathie Wood’s participation in the Web3 Carnival not only prepares for an exciting future for the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, but also highlights the importance of security management systems, such as those from Hong Kong.

His speech highlighted the important role of regulation in driving innovation and growth in the crypto space, hoping for a promising future for Bitcoin and new technologies in this new decade. Wood said that a combination of a pro-Web3 approach and appropriate regulatory policies could be the key to the success and widespread use of cryptoassets.

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