95% of states will have high-speed Internet connections by 2024

The National Cybersecurity Agency announced this Wednesday in the Leonese city of La Robla the new training ‘ExperienceIncibe’, a truck that will travel throughout Spain in the next three years to train all citizens in cybersecurity, with a target directly affecting more than 300,000. people, according to the Ical Agency.

Cristina Gutiérrez, who is a member of the team that leads the development of the initiative, explains that through the initiative “education and knowledge for the lower levels and for all citizens” will be do, with the purpose of “bringing” some initiative. knowledge, through games and interactive activities, about how we should start to incorporate safety measures that will help us use technology in a more reliable and safe way compatible with technology. “

Incibe’s deployable truck has great games that “help make interesting content”, “break existing barriers to security issues, risks or threats on the Internet” to “bring the elements closer together, understand them and know how to use the measurements in the equipment. and information in digital profiles.

In this way, the ‘#ExperienceIncibe’ offers experiences designed for the general public, including the elderly, but also for professionals, SMEs, self-employed , from the classroom with interactive sessions to get started and participate in cybersecurity assessments during the day. long time. In it, dynamics created for each audience and each age is created, “always send messages that each profile should know.”

‘#ExperienceIcibe’ started this Wednesday in La Robla and on its website you can consult the different places it will go, whether a City Council, Council or representative wants to have an experience in their city can apply it.

Ultrafast bandwidth

The director of the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain, Félix Barrio, said at the start of the ‘ExperienceIncibe’ that La Robla “represents the existing challenge of taking digitization to the last corner of Spain. “

In this sense, it is explained that the Spanish government has invested more than 18.2 million euros in the last five years to bring general access to the rural areas of the province of León, of which the other 2 will plus this year, 5 million.

In addition, he recalled that in June of this year, the Hispasat Rural Demand Program was opened so that “even the last corner of the rural population can access internet speed of 100 megabytes.” Thanks to this, 95 percent of the state of León will be in ultra-fast internet in the next year.

The mayor of La Robla, Santiago Dorado, also participated in the initiative, who thanked La Robla for choosing the city to build the project, because “it will provide a base and training for the public clan and youth.” , but also because “It is important that the needs and rights of people are the same whether they live in a big city or a small town.”

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