63% of social media users do it without double authentication

Data Protection Day: 84% don’t know how to delete their data from websites.

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Data Protection Day, Acens, part of Telefónica Tech, expresses concern about online security. According to the research conducted on the way, 63% of the users of the survey admitted not to use the two-factor authentication in their relationship, even if they understand how it works .

There is no worry in online shopping and data theft

In addition, the study found that half of the participants (50%) do not know if the online store encrypts their information during the purchase. This finding shows that many users are not aware of the importance of checking the presence of “https” and the lock in the URL when doing online business. In an even more worrying way, 37% admitted to being victims of identity theft, highlighting the vulnerability that online users face.

*“On one of the bitcoin exchange pages, they tried to log in from Senegal if I remember correctly, although there was no money. And on Twitter they tried to participate 15 times, but they did not succeed “*, said one of the research users.

Lack of knowledge of data removal and reporting procedures

84% of participants admitted not knowing how to remove their data from web pages. However, none of the respondents searched for their personal information, such as their ID, in Google to verify what they saw on the internet. In addition, 50% of users would not be sure how to file a complaint if they believe their privacy rights have been violated.

*”Oh yeah! You go to the police and they help you. Because it happened in the Weekly Report that already has a section dedicated to that “*, said one respondent about the process of filing a complaint.

Importance of SSL certificate in online shopping

Acens highlights the importance of online stores having an SSL certificate. This certificate will be intercepted in browsers by a lock symbol, to ensure that company and customer information is safe and against computer attacks.

Finally, the results of this research show the need for more awareness and education about online security, as well as the use of data protection by users and departments. company. On International Data Protection Day, it is important to think about the importance of protecting our data in the digital world.

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