62% of the world’s population is on social media, says research

The number of people working in social networks will reach 5.04 billion people in 2023. The numbers mean that 62.3% of the total population of the world is currently accessing a platform of this type, with Facebook is still important: the network da Meta money more than half. of all these, with three thousand users according to official data.

Of course, the importance of each service overlaps, as a person can have more than one social network and use them regularly. Instagram comes in second place in the ranking with 2 billion users, in a technical tie with WhatsApp, which has the same estimate; It is worth noting that both, like Facebook itself, participate in Meta.

All this can make Mark Zuckerberg the king of the Internet, but the information from Kepios consulting creates a positive impression. According to analysts, YouTube will have the most users in the world, even above Facebook. However, Google does not publish important data related to this, while official data, related to advertising revenue, show that 2.5 billion people use the service regularly.

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The United Arab Emirates has the highest number of social media users per its population, followed by Bahrain and Kuwait. At the other end of the spectrum is North Korea, which due to economic blockades and the isolation of the Internet from the rest of the world does not have a citizen with an online presence in the account in research.

Time spent on social media is down

The study’s numbers show a 5.6% growth in the use of social media by the global population compared to January 2023. However, the total time spent on these platforms has fallen, up to 2h23 a day, with availability online, with everyone. Citizens have, on average, six accounts to use regularly across different services.

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Brazil, in fact, appears above the world average. Our country is second in terms of the number of accounts per citizen, with an average of eight profiles used regularly on social media or messaging, after only the United Arab Emirates, with an average of 8.3, and tied with the Philippines.

On the other hand, the slowdown that has occurred since the end of social isolation as a result of the Covid-19 spread continues. While separation has caused people to have online relationships, with an increase of 13.1% in January 2020 and 9.9% in 2021, the same total fell to 3% last year. Now, it is growing again, but the expectation is that it will stay below 10%.

There is another tie when the question is about people’s favorite activities on the internet. 94.7% said they use it mostly to talk and exchange messages, while socializing seems like a hobby for 94.3%. Search tools and portals come in third (80.7%), followed by e-commerce (74.3%) and maps or sites (54.4%).

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Age and gender

Dating is only the most popular among the younger group, from 16 to 24 years old. Still, it’s close, with a difference of only 0.3 percentage points compared to messaging apps. It is also interesting to note that e-mail still receives some importance in the age group of 55 to 64 years, appearing in fifth place and leaving below the service map that appears in all groups .

There is some gender parity, with 53.5% of users being male and 46.5% female. According to Kepios, there is still room for growth as 94.2% of the world’s population uses the internet regularly, but as mentioned, about two-thirds of this volume is spent on social media regularly.

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Source: Kepios

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