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Artificial intelligence has arrived to shake more than one person in their work. Although this device is designed to make people’s lives easier, it is not focused on removing them from their daily tasks. This is why you should make AI your best friend, at least for content creation.

There are hundreds of tools that help people create content or products with their social media. With the arrival of AI, these tools are getting more powerful. We offer you 5 platforms that will help you create content for your network.

Nexus Clips

One of the most important tips that you should remember when creating content for social media is that you should have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly ‘base’ content. context. This translates into a wide content that you can spend the rest of the day, some do it in videos that last more than 10 minutes.

Thanks to new trends like TikTok, short videos are becoming more and more popular. This is why Nexus Clips will help you choose the location of long videos that can be transmitted, cut them and edit them in a matter of minutes. You can do all this for free by official page or download the application on your mobile phone.


This intelligent tool works through the web that will help you create the best sound for your videos and presentations. Many times we find it difficult to create videos for the simple fact that we don’t believe in our voice or we just don’t like talking on video.

With this tool, you can create a description for the video you want. You can choose the gender of the voice, the tone and the mood of the text you wrote for your video content. You can access ElevenLabs from its official page.

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To create social content that is useful to users, not only good photos or videos, copy is also important. If you don’t know, copy is the legend that accompanies your posts on social media, where you can create more engagement with your customers.

This tool is trained in SEO without limitation to put the requested content in the social network, all by copying. You can tell the tool the purpose of your post and it will create the copy you need in minutes. You can use it by logging in its official page


If I say “Disney font” you immediately think of the big curvy ‘D’ that we have known for decades. The mouse company achieves this by creating a special writing system, something that you can achieve with this device. Fontjoy allows you to create the font you want, with the colors you want and the size that suits your needs. The best part is that you can download royalty-free music directly into your content. You can enter its official page.

Microsoft Designer

For many, Canva is the solution for all publications and presentations, however, there are better tools, such as Microsoft Designer. On this platform you can enter the instructions for the publications that you need to create for your relationships, and in a matter of minutes you will have it.

You can request the colors, shapes, sizes and graphics that you want, the intelligent tool has a wide range of tools and images that will help you capture your ideas. You can enter from its official page.

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