3 tips to boost your kids’ safety on social media

Every day social media is filled with an avalanche of content of different types and styles, and even the most used users to work on the Internet will be threatened by cyber. In children and adolescents, the problems can be worse. The following information is from a report in the Washington Post newspaper.


  • With so much information on dating, children and young people can be affected by cyber threats;
  • In addition to making them aware of the dangers of the digital world, there are also some measures that can help protect your children;
  • Privacy and two-step verification are some simple and quick measures that can make browsing the internet more secure;
  • In addition to setting up a profile, communication with children is also very important to make them aware of the dangers of the virtual environment.

Despite being a generation that always has more contact with platforms such as Instagram, Discord and TikTok, this audience is not safe from malicious users and hacker attacks. Fortunately, some measures can be taken to protect and promote knowledge for your children.

Measures to protect your children on social media

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Applications have special settings to protect children, but this measure can be easily bypassed when creating an account. In addition to the good old discussion to warn about the necessary precautions in the virtual world, there are also other ways to protect them, starting with private profiles.

As the name suggests, public information allows the content of the account to be accessed by anyone – known or unknown. Private information means that your information can only be seen by people you have added to your list of followers.

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Two-step verification is also important for preventing account hacking – and this applies to users of all ages. With this feature, when entering your account on a new device, you must enter a code to confirm your identity, which can be sent by SMS, authentication app or other the

It is important to remember, once again, that communication with your children is important so that they truly understand the dangers they are exposed to on the internet. With security measures and good knowledge, everyone is better protected.

This is what Danielle H. Admoni, specialist and Child and Adolescent, supervisor of the residence of the Government University of São Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM) and expert of ABP (Brazilian Psychiatric Association) explained.

First, when our children are away from home, we worry and ask them not to talk to strangers. We have a false impression that young people will be safe at home, but they are not, because of the internet. Now, they have contact with the world that we don’t have. Everything we always talk about when children and young people go out physically on the street, we also need to talk about in the digital environment. The same precautions we take, such as “be careful who you talk to”, “don’t tell us where you are”, “don’t say your full name”, etc. They have no maturity, they have no sense of evil. We need to teach them the same way we teach them when they leave home.

Be careful who you talk to, what you reveal. This discussion is important for all times, because they have access to the world through technology, something that other generations do not have. We need to teach our children to behave in a digital environment. And in addition to providing guidance, it is important that they understand that parents have an open channel for communication. This way, if the situation is different, they know where to run.


This is a problem that comes from the content concerned. This Wednesday (31), CEOs of big technology participated in the hearing in the US Senate. They were asked about the poor security in the networks, which lead to psychological and sexual problems among children. You can find out more by clicking here.

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